Home Contents  Insurance
e.g. Furniture & appliances
Personal Effects  Insurance
e.g. Cellphones,  jewelry, ipads, laptops, cameras etc.
Vehicle  Insurance
e.g. Motor vehicles, motor bikes, trailers, caravans etc.
Pleasure Craft  Insurance
e.g. Ski-boats, jet-skis, speed boats etc.
Bicycles  Insurance
(Social & Competitive)
Buildings  Insurance
e.g. Main Residence, Outbuildings
Liability  Insurance
Cover in respect of accidents resulting in damage/injury/death to third party/third party  property e.g. A third party suffering accidental injury on your property.
Bloodstock  Insurance
e.g. Equestrian and Thoroughbreds
Commercial, Corporate & Industrial  Insurance
e.g. Manufacturing Factory
Body Corporates  Insurance
e.g. Residential Complexes, Housing Estates
Hospitality  Insurance
e.g. BnB’s, Guesthouse’s, Convention Centers
Engineering  Insurance
e.g. Cover in respect of machinery breakdown
Construction  Insurance
e.g.  Cover in respect of the erection of buildings
Specialised Liability  Insurance
e.g.  Liability attached to high risk manufacturers such as medicine manufacturing companies.
Marine  Insurance
e.g. Cargo and Hull
Vehicle  Insurance
e.g. Goods carrying vehicles, motor cars, articulated vehicles
Goods and Transit  Insurance
e.g. Consignments by road, rail, air and sea transit